Beautiful Landscape, Beautiful Home

At Parkway Garden Centre, we realize that sometimes it takes an expert touch to make a garden beautiful. From spring cleanup to complete garden designs, our landscaping services help you tackle every gardening project. Whether you're looking for front or backyard landscaping, our landscape designers work with you to turn a concept into reality. Trust one of London’s premier landscaping companies and start your garden redesign today.


Book A Landscape Design Or Cleanup


To learn more about our landscaping services, call us at 226-667-5901 or fill out the form below:

Our Landscaping Services:

  • Create a new garden design

  • Renovate and renew old gardens

  • Perform spring and fall cleanup

  • Prune and trim garden beds

  • Build retaining walls and walkways

  • Lift and reset patios, walkways and retaining walls.

  • Install shrubs, perennials, small or large caliper trees, bulbs, annual planting

  • Remove old shrubs and small trees

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