Frequently Asked Questions

What are Parkway Points?

Parkway Points is Parkway Garden Centre's loyalty points program. Earn 10 Parkway Points for every dollar spent in-store. Once you have earned 2500 points, you can redeem for up to $5 off of at Parkway Garden Centre.

How do I sign up for Parkway Points?

Provide your name and phone number to a cashier at Parkway Garden Centre to be entered into our system. Then start earning points, its that easy! You may also provide us with your email to be signed up for the parkway newsletter and earn 1000 points!

Where can I redeem Parkway Points?

Currently you can only redeem Parkway Points in-store at Parkway Garden Centre.

Can I earn points on to use in-store?

Our e-commerce site is not currently setup for Parkway Points. We are looking at adding Parkway Points to the website, early 2019.

Do Parkway Points ever expire?

Parkway Points do not expire. Only accounts that are inactive for over 10 years will be reviewed for possible deletion by Parkway Garden Centre.

How can I see how many points I have earned?

Your receipt will show you how many points you have earned on your purchase as well as how many total points you have earned.

I am a landscaper and I already get the landscaping discount. Am I also eligible to earn Parkway Points on my purchases?

Unfortunately, landscapers who have a business account with Parkway and are already receiving the discount will not be eligible for Parkway Points.

Do I need a special Parkway Points card?

No, there is no special card required to earn or redeem points. Simply let the cashier know your name or phone number and we will look you up in the system.

If I return an item I bought do I get to keep my points from the original purchase?

No, when an item is returned, the points are also returned.